Established in 2005, TMKG is a knowledge and insight driven marketing and media management consultancy with multiple competencies in critical areas of business.

TMKG provides a totally independent third-party proof of performance audit, quality control, research and market intelligence services for the marketing and communication industry.

We specialise in tracking, monitoring and audit of outdoor advertising, out-of-home media, trade marketing, print and online media.

Our audit practice pioneered the independent and structured tracking and evaluation of outdoor and out-of-home media in Nigeria.

Our services include:

  • Outdoor media monitoring and audit
  • Print Media Monitoring & Press Clipping
  • Trade Marketing Audit
  • Marketing & Media Research
  • Brand Communication Consulting
  • Digital Design and Online Publishing
  • Marketing and Media Training

TMKG covers over 250 cities and towns in Nigeria helping national and multinational marketers to maximise huge investment in marketing and media.